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Are you tired of cabling installations, network performance issues and problems with your infrastructure? Our team of network management specialists in Milwaukee are here to help.

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Why Do You Need A Network Managed Services Provider?

Managed networking solutions reduce the workload of internal teams and ensure that your business has access to a high-grade network management service. Your business needs network management services because:

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Internal IT teams are limited by the expertise of the team put in place. When you work with our team, you benefit from the expertise of network management specialists who have years of experience, stay on top of industry trends and are trained to configure, manage and cable networks.

Network managed services provider
Reduce your costs with network management services

Reduce Your Operational Costs

Internal network management is expensive and time-intensive. Massive overhead costs are involved in maintaining your network’s infrastructure. Small- and medium-sized businesses with limited resources benefit from management services that lower overhead and improve network consistency.

Enhance Your Network Security

Network security is more important than ever before. Management services can be expanded to include managed firewall and cybersecurity services. Harden your network’s security with a team of security-focused professionals. We’ll even run risk assessments to learn your network’s flaws and correct them rapidly.
Enchance your network security
Focuse on core tasks with network managements service

Allow IT Teams to Focus on Core Tasks

IT teams have a lot of responsibilities, and if they’re spread too thin, network management may miss performance requirements. Network management services free up your internal IT team’s resources, allowing your team to spend more time on critical, core tasks that help your organization grow.

Increase Business Continuity

Your clients and customers expect business continuity to be a top priority. The use of network management services allows your business to prevent disasters and rapidly restore systems if your network goes down. Managed services limit downtime and boost business continuity.

business continuity planning22

Importance of Network Management Services for your business

Our Managed IT Network Services Benefits

Working with our team at Powerful IT Systems includes many benefits:

Month-to-month Services

Don’t want to be stuck in a long-term contract? We offer month-to-month and flat fee services. You can use our services when you need them and never have to commit to a long-term contract.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

From cabling installations to full network management, our team is here to help your business’ network stay operational day and night. We specialize in network management, allowing your team to focus on core tasks.

On-site and Remote Options

We offer on-site and remote services to better meet your needs. Cabling must be done in person, but for network management and performance monitoring, we can save you time and money by remotely managing your network.

Customer Reviews

Paula Tudorof
Paula Tudorof
December 11, 2023.
Powerful IT Systems has been a life saver. We were previously with a Technology Solutions partner who did not understand our needs and did not fulfill the requests for recurring and special projects. Powerful IT Systems is a breath of fresh air. Nazar is clear, proactive, and most importantly, committed to partnering with us on the unique needs of our technology needs. I cannot recommend Powerful IT Solutions enough. Nazar has recently completed the first of our special projects for Internet Infrastructure, and we cannot be happier with the advanced functionality. Thank you Powerful IT Systems for partnering with us to support our technology needs and goals.
Kevin Cheney
Kevin Cheney
September 27, 2023.
Nazar is super professional, speaks very clearly and helps make the IT world a little more accessible to the lay-person. In dealing with this company I am very impressed - I would highly recommend using this company for any IT needs your company has in the SouthEast / East Wisconsin areas.
Peter Hyde
Peter Hyde
July 11, 2023.
I recently contacted Powerful IT Systems and was extremely impressed with their prompt and professional service. Nazar was able to fix our email issues and transfer all of our business emails to Microsoft 365 accounts with clear instructions on how to use it. We had some other issues pop up and Nazar responded right away to fix the problem. I would highly recommend Powerful IT Systems to anyone in need of tech support or IT services for their business. I will be using Powerful IT for all of my future needs
Halo Athletics
Halo Athletics
April 19, 2023.
Nazar provides quality, high level customer service. Our small non-profit organization never had a focus on IT until recently and Nazar has been fantastic. As a local IT service provider, he was readily available to answer any question we needed, which was many as we were uniformed on IT equipment & services. He was knowledgeable and able to break down the information to our level of understanding. We walked us through the exactly equipment we would need, and where to find it at the best price, helping us save every dollar as a non-profit. We look forward to continued services with Nazar in the long-term.
D Sebert
D Sebert
April 11, 2023.
Having been searching for an IT Service provider or Managed Service provider I came across Powerful IT Systems. We are so happy with the service and the rates. Nazar responds so quickly to any of our emails or requests. His service has been impeccable. He has help us with strategizing for our future growth. If you need a supportive, responsive and efficient IT Service Provider, please give them a call, you will be as pleased as we are with the service.
Wisconsin Tower
Wisconsin Tower
January 7, 2023.
Nazar and Powerful IT Systems have provided exceptional service to our condo association. From network setup and troubleshooting to IP security camera installation and configuration, Nazar is incredibly knowledgeable, very responsive, and wonderful to work with. We would highly recommend for any IT needs!
Oleh Mushynskyi
Oleh Mushynskyi
December 29, 2022.
Our Milwaukee law practice has over 50 computers, so managing IT was difficult. We engaged a managed IT provider then. Powerful IT Systems helped us optimize our IT procedures and save money on hardware and software. Their personnel are constantly available to help with any IT-related difficulties and are very knowledgeable. Their proactive IT management has reduced downtime. I'd suggest this local IT company to any business that wants to save money and make IT work better.
Yvenel Benoit
Yvenel Benoit
December 25, 2022.
This is the best IT Service Provider website in the market. I like the great service that you are providing us. Thank you so much by providing us with this wonderful website.
Omar Tarek
Omar Tarek
December 9, 2022.
Best IT Service Provider I recommend it for everyone thanks a lot
gordie gohr
gordie gohr
November 16, 2022.
Nazar to the rescue! I was left hanging with some serious email issues for my company. Powerful IT Systems made me a priority and solved my computer problem. When it come to my IT support and computer IT service needs, I now have a new, trusted go-to technician.

What Our Managed Networking Solutions Include

Sign up for our management service network and gain access to a variety of solutions, including:

Cabling Installations

Network data cabling

Advanced data cabling services, including state-of-the-art network cable installations, ensuring that your business’ data can flow uninterrupted from server to server. We handle cabling for computers, storage area networks, servers, routers, switches and more.

Request for Cybersecurity consulting & Protection Services today!

Structured Cabling

structured cabling

Full structured cabling is offered, allowing you to route cables through walls, ceilings and more directly to each office and cubicle in your organization. Through structured cabling, we neatly manage and route cables to the areas most important for your organization.

Network Performance Management

network manage

Monitoring and configuration of network devices and servers provide your business with peace of mind that your infrastructure will remain operational when you need it most. We monitor network performance to rectify issues before they progress into outages.

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Why Powerful IT Systems is the right Network Management Service?

  • Full management service network: Our team of professionals have the expertise to help monitor network performance, optimize it and even configure networks to meet your business’ unique needs.

  • Cabling installations: Proper data cabling services and installation ensure that your systems are easy to maintain. Cabling routing can help you swap out hardware effortlessly and hook up all devices.

  • No contracts: Our commitment to you is that we don’t require long-term contracts. We’re so confident in our services that you can cancel at any time or sign up month-by-month as necessary.

  • Performance management: Optimized and efficient networks run well night and day. We monitor performance and continue to optimize services to ensure that they never negatively impact your operations.

  • Maximize availability: Networks that are down will negatively impact your revenue and can cause you to lose future business. We focus on keeping your network up and running by maximizing availability.

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