Microsoft Azure Management & Consulting Services

Azure management is costly and resource intensive. Allow our team to handle management, data, config settings, patching and more to cut costs and boost your team’s productivity.

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Why Do You Need an Azure Management Service Provider?

Azure management helps businesses of all sizes:

Scale Their Operations Rapidly

Cloud services allow businesses to rapidly scale their operations and manage growth with ease. As a service provider, we set up your Azure cloud to scale as your business grows.

Streamline Operations

IT teams that aren’t Azure specialists will take more time and resources to set up servers and databases. As a managed service provider, we streamline operations to keep your database, applications, network and services running smoothly.

Professional Setup and Management

Professional setup and management ensure that your cloud servers stay operational and follow the industry’s best security practices. Our team will diligently configure your systems and manage them to alleviate the stress on your IT team.

Transform Your Business with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Management Services Benefits​

When you use our management services, including Azure identity management, you benefit from:

Boost Productivity

hero azure services

Azure cloud management is time-consuming. If your IT team is already struggling to meet growth and milestones, offloading Azure management to us can boost productivity. We’ll handle:

  •       Configuration
  •       Patching
  •       Backups
  •       More

Our service helps boost your IT team’s productivity and empowers the rest of your organization, too.

Backup Your Data

Microsoft Azure Management services

Azure config isn’t complete until you have a robust backup system in place. One of the key benefits of using our Microsoft Azure management service is that we put backup and restoration services in place to:

  •       Reduce downtime
  •       Improve restoration
  •       Keep data safe and secure

We back up your important data, databases, configurations and more to rapidly restore service if it goes down.

Cost Effectiveness

Azure reduce Cost
Why keep your management in-house when you can save money and enjoy working with Azure specialists? Our service is designed to be used month-to-month, with no long-term contracts and steep savings from:
  •       Specialists that work faster
  •       Outsourced team
  •       No setup costs
Our pricing allows you to know how much you’ll pay every month for our service. We take care of the training, equipment and other overhead that costs a lot of money when keeping management in-house.

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What Do We Offer with Our Microsoft Azure Management & Consulting Services?

Our clients benefit from numerous services, including but not limited to:

Azure Setup

We can set up your Azure cloud solution to ensure that it is ready to scale with your business. We’ll carefully configure your system, taking a security-centric approach to keep your data safe while allowing you to leverage the full power of the cloud.

Azure management
Azure management services

Azure Identity Management

Identity-based controls keep your data safe by allowing only certain users to access databases, files, folders and other system-critical areas. We set up and manage your Azure identities for our clients.

Azure Patching

Azure updates keep your server safe and secure. Through our patching system, we keep your server updated and secure with fast updates and verification.

Azure patching
MS Azure backup solutions

Backup Solutions

Redundancy and backup solutions allow your business to have peace of mind that if your system becomes corrupted, goes down or is hacked, you can restore it rapidly with reliable backup solutions.


Our team can consult with your IT team to discuss your Azure needs and discuss best practices and approaches to using Azure. If you need help with your setup or have questions, we will work with you on a consulting basis.

Azure consulting services

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Why Choose Powerful IT Systems Security Assessment Company?

Azure management is complex – we make it easy. Businesses choose our Azure cloud management services because we offer:

  • 24/7 Support: We’re here when you need us most. Our team can answer your questions, solve account and access problems, and even offer consulting services to your team.
  • No Long-term Contracts: You may need Azure account management this month and not the next. We’re here to help when you need us most and provide our service on a monthly basis to better serve your needs.
  • Monitoring: We stay on top of key server, database and platform issues with robust monitoring solutions. We’ll monitor your Azure platform to ensure that the systems continue running well and no security threats arise.
  • Professionals: Our team is trained in Azure and knows how to set systems up, manage them and monitor them. We save you time and money by integrating our Azure experts into your existing team.

Our team of Azure specialists will help you set up and manage your Azure services with 24/7 monitoring, robust setup and configuration solutions and consulting options.

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