Outsourced IT Support Services in Milwaukee and the Surrounding Area

Outsourced IT services reduce your team’s workload, fill skill gaps and help you better manage costs as you continue to grow your business. Our team offers the service you need with seamless integration.

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Why Do You Need Outsourced IT Support Service for Your Business?

We’ve designed our outsourced IT support to serve small and large businesses alike. We take a hands-on approach to understand our clients’ needs and benefit businesses in multiple ways:

Workload Optimizing

Our outsourced IT support service frees up your team’s time and resources. We can help alleviate overworked teams that are stretched too thin to focus on the core needs of your business.

Without Risks

Your business must eliminate risks and downtime. Our team integrates into your existing teams to help solve your IT needs while reducing risk. With a month-to-month option, you can use our services without a major financial commitment.

Financial Economy

IT outsourcing solutions are affordable and help keep costs down for your business. We take care of our team’s training, hardware and software needs so that you enjoy a consistent price for the services that we offer month after month.

High-Quality Services

On top of the benefits we’ve already mentioned, we continually improve our service to offer the highest quality possible. We have employees that specialize in multiple solutions (more below) and follow the best practices throughout our business.

Customer Reviews

Paula Tudorof
Paula Tudorof
December 11, 2023.
Powerful IT Systems has been a life saver. We were previously with a Technology Solutions partner who did not understand our needs and did not fulfill the requests for recurring and special projects. Powerful IT Systems is a breath of fresh air. Nazar is clear, proactive, and most importantly, committed to partnering with us on the unique needs of our technology needs. I cannot recommend Powerful IT Solutions enough. Nazar has recently completed the first of our special projects for Internet Infrastructure, and we cannot be happier with the advanced functionality. Thank you Powerful IT Systems for partnering with us to support our technology needs and goals.
Kevin Cheney
Kevin Cheney
September 27, 2023.
Nazar is super professional, speaks very clearly and helps make the IT world a little more accessible to the lay-person. In dealing with this company I am very impressed - I would highly recommend using this company for any IT needs your company has in the SouthEast / East Wisconsin areas.
Peter Hyde
Peter Hyde
July 11, 2023.
I recently contacted Powerful IT Systems and was extremely impressed with their prompt and professional service. Nazar was able to fix our email issues and transfer all of our business emails to Microsoft 365 accounts with clear instructions on how to use it. We had some other issues pop up and Nazar responded right away to fix the problem. I would highly recommend Powerful IT Systems to anyone in need of tech support or IT services for their business. I will be using Powerful IT for all of my future needs
Halo Athletics
Halo Athletics
April 19, 2023.
Nazar provides quality, high level customer service. Our small non-profit organization never had a focus on IT until recently and Nazar has been fantastic. As a local IT service provider, he was readily available to answer any question we needed, which was many as we were uniformed on IT equipment & services. He was knowledgeable and able to break down the information to our level of understanding. We walked us through the exactly equipment we would need, and where to find it at the best price, helping us save every dollar as a non-profit. We look forward to continued services with Nazar in the long-term.
D Sebert
D Sebert
April 11, 2023.
Having been searching for an IT Service provider or Managed Service provider I came across Powerful IT Systems. We are so happy with the service and the rates. Nazar responds so quickly to any of our emails or requests. His service has been impeccable. He has help us with strategizing for our future growth. If you need a supportive, responsive and efficient IT Service Provider, please give them a call, you will be as pleased as we are with the service.
Wisconsin Tower
Wisconsin Tower
January 7, 2023.
Nazar and Powerful IT Systems have provided exceptional service to our condo association. From network setup and troubleshooting to IP security camera installation and configuration, Nazar is incredibly knowledgeable, very responsive, and wonderful to work with. We would highly recommend for any IT needs!
Oleh Mushynskyi
Oleh Mushynskyi
December 29, 2022.
Our Milwaukee law practice has over 50 computers, so managing IT was difficult. We engaged a managed IT provider then. Powerful IT Systems helped us optimize our IT procedures and save money on hardware and software. Their personnel are constantly available to help with any IT-related difficulties and are very knowledgeable. Their proactive IT management has reduced downtime. I'd suggest this local IT company to any business that wants to save money and make IT work better.
Yvenel Benoit
Yvenel Benoit
December 25, 2022.
This is the best IT Service Provider website in the market. I like the great service that you are providing us. Thank you so much by providing us with this wonderful website.
Omar Tarek
Omar Tarek
December 9, 2022.
Best IT Service Provider I recommend it for everyone thanks a lot
gordie gohr
gordie gohr
November 16, 2022.
Nazar to the rescue! I was left hanging with some serious email issues for my company. Powerful IT Systems made me a priority and solved my computer problem. When it come to my IT support and computer IT service needs, I now have a new, trusted go-to technician.

Our IT Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourced IT services provide a robust set of solutions to meet your IT needs. We offer multiple solutions, including but not limited to:

Don’t put your business at risk of data breaches, infiltration, malware or other threats. As your outsourced IT service provider, we stop attackers in their tracks by offering:

  •       Multi-layer protection
  •       24/7 system monitoring
  •       Best practice implementation
  •       Training
  •       More
Outsourced cybersecurity services
Outsourced Managed IT services

Co-managed IT services help your business become an industry leader by utilizing proven IT solutions. Our team can help with:

  • Remote support solutions to rapidly solve IT problems
  • Proactive monitoring, to take rapid action
  • Recovery and backup solutions to restore systems quickly
  • Custom and strategic planning solutions

Let us manage your IT services. Our cloud management team provides the outsourced IT support you need.

We help businesses take control of the cloud by helping them:

  • Save money with support and cloud solutions
  • Scale their business rapidly
  • Reduce security risks by taking a proactive approach to security
  • More
Outsourced cloud it service
Outsourced IT network services

Network management is time-consuming, expensive and necessary for your business. Let our specialists help with full network management, including:

  • Dedicated teams for cabling, installation and more
  • On-site and remote management options
  • Managed firewall
  • Backup and restoration solutions

Request for Outsourced IT Support Services today!

More IT Support

Outsourced IT support services must go beyond the basics. We know that your business has unique needs, and we’re here to:

  • Listen to your needs
  • Discuss custom IT support and solutions
  • Implement industry best practices
  • So much more

If you have IT needs that are not listed above, our team can devise a custom solution to meet your needs.

Outsources IT support services

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Why Choose a Powerful IT Systems Outsourced IT Service Provider?

We’ve refined our outsourced IT services to offer you the best solutions at the best price. Our clients choose us for many reasons, including:

  • Easy Integration: We use a streamlined service to integrate neatly with your existing team without any downtime. We’re an extension of your team that will not slow down your operations.
  • Specialists: Our team is comprised of multiple specialists who can be assigned to help strengthen your business’s network, security, management, firewall, cabling and more with the utmost precision.
  • No Long-term Contracts: Use our services when you need them and never find yourself stuck in a long-term contract that you no longer need. We provide month-to-month service to better meet your needs.
  • Multiple Plan Options: When you sign up for one of our month-to-month plans, you’ll have multiple options to choose from. Choose a plan that meets your needs without any unnecessary expenses in the process.
  • Training Opportunities: We can train your team on how to best use new software that we recommend and can provide additional cybersecurity training, too.

Are you interested in working with our company for IT support, management and more?

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