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Why Your Business Needs A Strong Firewall


While your organization is unlikely to be hiding military secrets or running a billion-dollar enterprise, it remains an enticing target for hackers. You require a managed firewall – a guard stationed at the entrance to your network who prevents intruders from entering while allowing your personnel to come and go without interruption.

Unbelievably, a sizable percentage of firms operate without a firewall or with one that is inadequate for the requirements of a commercial network. For the most, this is a risk they are unaware they are committing because they presume all systems include built-in safeguards. Regrettably, by the time the deficiency is identified, it is far too late.

A firewall is a specialized piece of hardware or software that works as a barrier between your network’s computers and various cyber threats. Data is continually being pushed through at breakneck speeds, completely imperceptible to the user experience.

Filtering: A powerful firewall actively searches for and blocks known viruses, phishing emails, and spam. Its internal danger database is updated on a regular basis, and search patterns are promptly changed. Additionally, business firewalls monitor data flow in both directions. When a computer connects to the Internet, all data entering and leaving the computer is reviewed to see whether it is safe or not. If it fails the test, the firewall immediately blocks it and logs the data.

Performance: You can prioritize network traffic using your firewall. For instance, it can ensure that a Skype call receives all the resources necessary to ensure excellent video and voice quality, while a person watching YouTube videos concurrently receives decreased resources. Rules can be defined to allow specific apps, departments, or even individual users to be regarded more favorably than others. You may adapt the performance of your network to your specific business requirements.

Management: Business firewalls enable you to monitor who is doing what and when on your network. You may establish rules that apply to particular individuals, devices, and times. For instance, you may restrict employee access to Facebook to lunch breaks only, while leaving it entirely unblocked for you and your marketing staff. Automatically generated comprehensive logs are kept and can be utilized to troubleshoot issues. For instance, your firewall logs may indicate that a machine on your network connects to a third-world country at 3 a.m. each night, which is definitely worth checking.

Connection: A powerful firewall enables your remote workforce to access your servers easily and securely, while also preventing cyber-attacks. Remote work solutions are increasing in popularity and need, frequently necessitating immediate server access. You can configure your firewall to verify users’ identities before granting access, and you can construct a virtual private network (VPN) to protect any transferred data from interception.

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