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Managed Services: 10 Things You Need to Know

computer-technology-managed-servicesIf you’re thinking about investing in managed IT, you might be wondering what the advantages of managed SERVICES or IT Support are.


Is managed IT just another drain on your resources with no tangible benefits? Do they provide any value to your company?


We’ve compiled a list of 10 key facts to help you better understand the benefits and popularity of managed services and determine whether they’re a good fit for your company.

Are you aware of the following facts concerning managed IT services?

✔️ Fact (1-10) “More than 93% of organizations are considering or have already adopted cloud services to improve outsourcing.”

The shift to cloud technology will enable businesses of all sizes to become more capable and responsive, as well as rapidly expand their offerings in existing and new markets.

According to outsourcing statistics, one-third of all organizations are willing to accept an increase in operating costs in exchange for access to the cloud. This means that for a large number of businesses, the main motivation for this move is to be more competitive and innovative, rather than to reduce costs by cutting jobs.

✔️ Fact (2-10) “95% of SMEs have adopted cloud technologies for outsourcing purposes.”

According to these statistics, the vast majority of businesses have embraced the benefits of cloud hosting in some way. Services such as Office 365, AWS, and cloud backup may fall into this category.

Managed IT services are a type of outsourcing that can greatly benefit your business, especially if you have a small IT team, because you gain vital skills that would be difficult and expensive to recruit. Furthermore, outsourcing IT improves scalability and flexibility while lowering costs and risk.

✔️ Fact (3-10) “49% of businesses say that outsourcing their IT functions frees up key resources to focus on their core business.”

Managed services are an easy way to keep your IT costs under control and maximize your resources in collaboration with your MSP. When core IT tasks are automated and managed remotely, your team members are free to focus on new projects and your specific goals. Many IT professionals are concerned about being replaced by an MSP; however, while an MSP can act as an IT team, they also complement IT teams by acting as a helper who monitors and handles day-to-day tasks, including updates that would otherwise impede the team! This is expanded on in point 10!

✔️ Fact (4-10) “About 46% of businesses say outsourcing their IT lets them access skillsets that aren’t available in-house.”

Managed IT services connect you to professionals in VoIP, Disaster recovery, Cyber-security, and more for a significantly lower cost. Our team comprises Microsoft, AWS, and other qualified technicians, so you can benefit from the best portions of their knowledge without having to study in-depth yourself.

✔️ Fact (5-10) “Your network can be monitored 24/7/365, leading to guaranteed 99.99% uptime.”

For security and efficiency, visibility throughout your IT network is critical, and when you choose managed services from Powerful IT Systems, your network will be monitored 24/7/365 for any odd traffic or disturbances. We’ll be able to recognize and address any threats before they become a problem, giving you complete peace of mind.

✔️ Fact (6-10) “Managed IT services can reduce your total infrastructure costs.”

After year three, the relative performance of IT assets such as servers gradually degrades, reaching 59 percent of capacity by year seven. The cost of maintaining and operating a server increases by almost 148 percent by the fifth year!

You may be vulnerable to a breach if your IT infrastructure, including on-site servers, is outdated. When you pick managed cloud hosting or managed infrastructure, your IT environment is housed in world-class data centers for a fraction of the cost, and you don’t have to worry about upkeep.

✔️ Fact (7-10) “65% of IT budgets are spent just to keep the “lights on.”

With the strategic assistance of a managed services partner to take the strain of daily maintenance and updates, you can make your IT budget work much harder. From there, you can concentrate on making your IT investments work for you in order to support growth.

✔️ Fact (8-10) “Big data, cloud, and mobility strategies lead to 53% greater growth.

When you work with a managed service provider like Powerful IT Systems, you’ll get the support and experience you need to keep your business growing. Our professionals can assist you in configuring an IT environment that will scale with your business, giving you the confidence to launch new campaigns or services knowing that your IT infrastructure will support expansion.

✔️ Fact (9-10) “MSPs are not a threat to your internal IT team.”

“Only 6% of organizations that hired an MSP terminated their in-house IT personnel, according to a recent CompTIA survey. MSPs are seen by the vast majority of businesses as a way to assist IT in reprioritizing its function.”

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, assisting you in filling in the gaps with our cloud infrastructure and network setup experience. During a complex migration or IT transformation project, our IT consulting services can also assist you in determining the optimal course of action.

✔️ Fact (10-10) “64% of businesses plan to increase their tech spending in 2022, up from 38% in 2021.”

If your company is one of these, you should look at the advantages of managed IT services. With so many customization choices, it could be the ideal IT solution for your company.

Could you benefit from managed IT services? Let us assist you in achieving your goals. Come on, let’s chat!

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