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Will You Beat The Black Friday Backlog?


The new technology you’ve been coveting is set to hit the market.
These aren’t just any sales; these discounts draw crowds in the thousands, rushing through the doors or halting online checkouts.

Every year, technology gets devalued by an average of 30%.

Tablets, laptops, phones, and PCs, to name a few…

Christmas comes early this year, thanks to deep discounts on brand new gadget releases – all you have to do is beat the crowds.


When the servers go down or snatchy hands take the last one, some individuals miss out…

That isn’t you, though.

You’ve devised a strategy. You have a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

And nothing will be able to stop you.

>>> A brand new computer that boots up in less than 60 seconds…

>>> A laptop with a touchscreen that fits in your suitcase and weighs less than 1kg…

>>> A wireless printer with such a quiet and crisp print quality that you’ll want to print everything…

This year, it’s all about you on Black Friday.

It’s also about time.

Because patiently waiting goes against all that the Black Friday weekend represents.

That’s why we’re going in early and doing everything we can to ensure that after you buy your technology, you can actually use it.

There’s no need to wait for the in-store support staff to finish setting you up.

There’s no need to wait for your resident whiz-kid to come over and install software for you.

While you patiently sort out your data migration, there will be no tag-teaming between your stunning new equipment and the old clunker.

We’ll be right there with you on Black Friday.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Connectivity and initial setup
  • Backing up and transferring data from older devices
  • Alternate operating systems installation
  • Putting your software together and customizing it
  • Antivirus software is one example of online security measures.

We won’t keep you waiting.

Call us at 262-912-6404 to get up and running while everyone else is still wrestling with the packaging.

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