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What Would a Ransomware Attack Cost You?


Have you ever considered how much your data is worth? Your client database, accounting software, inventory management, and, of course, any intellectual property you may possess are all examples of information that is potentially the most important component of your organization.

When ransomware strikes, organizations are compelled to reconsider the worth of their data: is it worth saving, and what is the true cost of the attack?

Most ransomware assaults cost $150-$600 to recover your files, but only IF the cybercriminals fulfill the payment and provide you with the decryption key. Meanwhile, new customer calls continue to come in, and you may find yourself unable to function while your systems are down. Paying the ransom or restoring from an untouched backup appears to be a simple remedy, but it isn’t. There will still be downtime to restore all of your data – maybe days – which means a lot of missed productivity.

Furthermore, if word comes out that your data has been compromised, you may discover that confidence in your company plummets and your current clients migrate elsewhere. That $150 ransom could wind up costing far more than $150,000!

Preventing Ransomware Attacks on Your Company


Keep your systems up to date: 

Many ransomware attacks take advantage of a hole in older versions of Windows, which Microsoft has since remedied. However, in order to be protected, businesses must keep their patches up to date as well as use a supported version of Windows. Delaying patches and updates jeopardizes your business; we can assist you with updating automatically.

Employee PCs should be locked down: 

Very few employees will require full administrator access to your company’s network. The more permissions a person has, the more damage they may do — either mistakenly with a whoopsie click or by inadvertently installing malware. You have a higher chance of confining a malware assault to non-critical systems if you shut down your personnel computers. Our experts can create an access management strategy that provides you with the best of both worlds: flexibility AND security.

Educate your employees:

The majority of employees assume they are cyber-safe, but the truth is considerably different. Many harmful links and embedded malware have become difficult to detect in an instant – which is all it takes to click and then regret it. We may work with your staff to set procedures for validating the legitimacy of links before clicking, raising awareness about the significance of verifying the source of attachments, and emphasizing the importance of anti-virus scanning. We’ll assist with getting the message across!

Have a robust backup plan in place:

When ransomware strikes, a connected backup equates to an infected backup. Unfortunately, synced options such as Dropbox clone the infected files immediately, rendering them worthless. The only safe backups will be those that are both physically and electrically isolated, with systems engineered to withstand such an attack. Our IT professionals can set you up with a backup solution that will make recovery a snap.

Take the initiative:

The greatest method to minimize the financial consequences of a ransomware assault is to avoid it in the first place. Smart firms are watching these broad ransomware attacks from the sidelines, utterly unscathed and taking advantage of opportunities while their competitors are down.

Our managed services can assist you in protecting your company from the next cyber-attack.

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