Network Support Definition. The main network support types

Network support definition

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a reliable network and server support system is essential. But what is server network support, and what are the different types of support networks available? In this article, we will define network support, discuss its types and provide information on how it can benefit businesses.

What is network support?


Network support is the process of providing assistance and maintaining computer networks to ensure optimal performance, availability, and security. It involves a range of activities, from monitoring network activity and troubleshooting issues to installing hardware and software upgrades. A support network is essential for businesses of all sizes to ensure smooth network operations and minimize downtime.

Types of network support


Network support types

There are two main types of network support – defined network support and ad hoc network support. Defined server network support is a structured and planned approach to network maintenance and management. It involves establishing a support network, defining roles and responsibilities, and implementing procedures and policies to ensure network security and reliability.

Ad hoc network support:


Ad hoc network support is typically a quick fix that addresses network issues as they occur. This approach is often used in situations where a formal network support structure does not exist or is not feasible. For example, ad hoc network support may be used in emergency situations where network downtime can have significant consequences, such as in disaster relief efforts. However, relying solely on ad hoc support can result in a network that is unstable and difficult to manage in the long term.

Without a well-defined support plan, issues can become more difficult to resolve and can potentially lead to more downtime and lost productivity. Therefore, it is important to have a balance between ad hoc support and proactive network maintenance to ensure that the network remains stable and efficient over time.

Server and network support What are server and network server support?


Server support are subsets of network support. Network server support involves maintaining server hardware and software to ensure optimal performance and availability. Network support, on the other hand, is focused on maintaining the network infrastructure and ensuring network connectivity, security, and reliability.

Some of the main types of server and network support include:

  • Hardware and software installation and configuration;
  • Server and network monitoring and maintenance;
  • Data backup and recovery;
  • Security and virus protection;
  • Network performance optimization;
  • Remote support and troubleshooting.



In today’s fast-paced business world, having a reliable support network is essential for ensuring optimal network performance, availability, and security. Support network definition
is a structured and planned approach to network maintenance and management, while ad hoc network support is a reactive approach to fixing issues as they arise. Server and network support involve maintaining server hardware and software and ensuring network connectivity, security, and reliability. At Powerful IT Systems, we offer a range of server and network support services to help businesses maintain optimal network performance and minimize downtime.