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3 Tech Tips to Make You a Better Business Owner


There’s no denying that business is hard! As a manager, you’re constantly managing the needs of your staff, customers, suppliers, and more. Competitive and high-tech industries are constantly attempting to move ahead of you, despite your best efforts. Your desire for ways to get ahead of the competition, decrease costs, increase productivity, and fantasize about a vacation is understandable, given the current economic climate. It may help you get closer to the “World’s Greatest Boss” cup by following these three tech suggestions.

Consider a policy of commuting.

Remote working is no longer a possibility, but rather a given, thanks to advances in technology and speedier internet connections. There are a number of computer duties in your business that can be done from home, but obviously not all of them (virtual hamburgers anyone?). Just one day a week working from home can have a tremendous impact on your productivity, even when you work the rest of the time at the office.

Because they don’t have to deal with the distractions of a birthday party, remote workers are more productive and tend to stay in their jobs longer, according to your perspective. Employees save time and money by not having to drive to and from work, and they are happier and healthier as a result.

Don’t skimp on the latest technology.

Even if you don’t subscribe to a tech newsletter, you should still consider investing in tech. Most organizations are increasingly dependent on technology, but there are still many who try to get by with the bare minimum of investment and upkeep. They’re the ones who come to us the most frequently for repairs and data recovery.

You’ll always have greater failure rates, more downtime, and people who can’t do their jobs even though they’re still paid by the hour when you cut corners when it comes to tech. Businesses that hold on to outdated technology in order to save money in the short term often wind up paying more in the long run.

Don’t be afraid of the cloud

The cloud version of many of your current software packages allows multiple users to access it simultaneously and provides additional backup or synchronization features. You don’t have to worry about sending out multiple copies of reports to your remote workers, mobile employees, accountants, or CFOs.

Evernote and OneDrive, two of the most popular cloud-based note-taking and collaboration tools, are excellent examples of this. You and your colleagues can jot down ideas while on the go and have them synced to your desktop when you get back to the office. Your entire filing cabinet can even be scanned into the app.

As a business owner, you can use your technology to open doors that will make your workday more efficient, profitable, and put you ahead of the pack. Ready?

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